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Peer Mentoring Program: Overview

The Peer Mentoring Program, also referred to as the SEEDS Peer Mentoring Program, connects first-year undergraduate students and transfer students studying engineering with upplerlevel student mentors.

Mentoring is a guiding and supportive relationship that fosters personal and professional development. A mentor can be described as a coach, a role model, and an advisor. Peer mentoring differs from traditional mentoring because the mentor and the mentee are closer in age and experience. It is a casual relationship that encourages collaboration and friendship. Peer mentoring assists students navigating the challenges that arise pursuing professional development, academic success, and extracurricular involvement. Some commonly faced challenges of first year mentees include adjusting to engineering classes, transitioning from high school or community college, navigating office hours, preparing for career fairs, meeting new friends, developing four year plans, joining clubs, eating healthy, and studying for exams. The Peer Mentoring Program can provide new students with an immediate support system through opportunities to connect with other students and the Women in Engineering staff.

How to Join the Peer Mentoring Program

Prior to each fall semester, incoming first-year student women and transfer student women in engineering are invited to join the Peer Mentoring Program as mentees through this link: JOIN THE PEER MENTORING PROGRAM

Mentees are typically matched with Peer Mentors based on major. Mentoring teams meet regularly throughout the fall semester to provide support to one another, discuss their experiences, and explore opportunities both in and outside of the Clark School. Pariticpants in the Peer Mentoring Program are invited to participate in social networking events throughout the fall semester, as well as other events run through the Women in Engineering Program. 


Apply to Become a Peer Mentor

Applications for Fall 2019 will become available in March 2019.

Apply to Become a Mentor Coordinator

Applications for Fall 2019 will become available in March 2019.