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Cybersecurity (CS) Scholars

Program Overview

  • Apply your knowledge
  • Increase your research and professional competence
  • Engage in substantive computer security research
  • Collaborate with talented faculty, science and engineering research professionals, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates
  • Build networks with women and minority science and engineering mentors and peers
  • Serve as a role model for female and minority high school students
  • Enhance your professional portfolio and resume

Program Description

Experience the creativity of the research process, contribute to exciting discoveries, and gain valuable experience through the Cybersecurity REU.

Undergraduate CS Scholars function as integral members of a team-based research project coordinated by a faculty member of the Maryland Cybersecurity Center.

The CS REU is open to students majoring in engineering, computer science, mathematics, or physical science enrolled in any U.S. college or university, including the University of Maryland. Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible. Each Scholar receives a $4,500 stipend plus a $300 allowance for meals while on-campus. Funding is available to Scholars to defray transportation costs. All Scholars will be provided with on-campus housing.

Teams conduct research for 9 weeks during the summer. Each team consists of up to four Scholars, one Graduate Fellow, and one Faculty Mentor. The advanced members of the team provide supervision, guidance and direction to the Scholars, who are expected to take initiative in fulfilling job responsibilities, completing work assignments, solving problems that arise (such as equipment breaking down), and finding answers to questions (by library research or contacting other research labs, etc.).

CS Scholars are trained in team skills, project organization, and research competencies vital to successful collaboration in science and engineering. The program further addresses issues of concern to women and minorities in science and engineering fields as well as provides information about preparing for graduate school and careers in academia.

Through the research experience, Scholars also participate in selected activities of the
Exploring Engineering Program, a one-week summer program for female high school students. Participation in this program provides an important link in the continuum of mentorship for women and minorities in science and engineering.

The concluding event of the summer is the CS Scholar's Research Symposium where research teams present posters and reports on their team activities and research results.

Eligible Scholars are provided assistance in pursuing additional funding from University of Maryland sources in order to continue conducting research during the academic year.

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Program Goals

  • To introduce Scholars to women and minority mentors and role models
  • To support Scholars’ achievement in their undergraduate studies in science and engineering fields by applying their academic learning to real-world problems in the area of computer security
  • To encourage CS Scholars to pursue graduate degrees and careers in science and engineering
  • To provide high-quality opportunities for Scholars to enhance their research knowledge, skill and ability
  • To equip Scholars with advanced training in team skills, project management, and research competencies
  • To strengthen and support Scholars’ professional development

Program Projects

Summer REU

Program Details

Room, Board and Transportation
The Cybersecurity REU will provide CS Scholars with housing*. For students who do not wish to reside in the designated CS REU housing, securing housing is the responsibility of the applicant.

*To receive housing, students must reside in the location designated for CS Scholars.

Funding is available to defray transportation costs. Requests for assistance must be made at the time of application.

Students majoring in any engineering, physical science, mathematics, or computer science discipline are strongly encouraged to apply. Students who have completed a minimum of 24 credit hours of post-secondary coursework (or equivalent) at any college or university, including the University of Maryland, are eligible. Women and minorities are particularly encouraged to apply. The CS REU Program is open to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Criteria for selecting CS Scholars

  • Academic achievement
  • Capacity to actively participate in a research team
  • The fit between research projects and student’s skills and research/career interests
  • Contribution of skills that complement the skills of others on the research team
  • Commitment to supporting women and minorities in engineering, mathematics, computer and physical sciences
  • Interest in peer mentorship
  • Interest in continuing studies in graduate or professional school


Program Application

At this time, we do not plan on offering this program in the summer of 2015.

Contact Information

Dr. Michel Cukier
Assoc. Professor, Clark School of Engineering
Phone: 301-314-2804

Ashlyn Vander Woude
Graduate Assistant for Education
Maryland Cybersecurity Center (link sends e-mail)

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