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Student Spotlight - Emily Fraik

Emily Fraik

Sophomore, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering


  • A. James Clark School of Engineering RISE Leadership Academy 
  • Clark School Ambassador
  • Chair of the Women in Engineering Student Advisory Board
  • SEEDS peer mentor
  • Flexus Living and Learning Community
  • University Honors Program
  • ODK National Leadership Honor Society initiate 
  • TBP Engineering Honor Society inductee 
  • University of Maryland Varsity Volleyball Student Athlete


Summer 2013: I worked as a research assistant with the Complex Fluids and Nanomaterials Group.  I aided a graduate student under Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan in researching surfactants and their toxicity when forming vesicles.

Career Goals/Ambitions:

My dream is to pursue a career working with the development of renewable energy sources and focusing on environmental sustainability.  I have done a significant amount of traveling, and globally it is very apparent that the environment is not being cared for as it should.  My ambitions are to develop energy sources that will allow our society to live in this modernized age without damaging the ecosystem around us.  This upcoming winter of 2014, I will be studying abroad in New Zealand taking a course in environmental sustainability to try and begin working towards my career goals.  I am very excited to learn from the developments they are making and for the opportunity to experience firsthand their progress in such an interesting learning environment.

Favorite Aspect of being an Engineer in the Clark School

My favorite part of being an engineer here at the University of Maryland is being able to demonstrate to others how fun, interesting, and rewarding of an experience it is.  I love being an ambassador because I love to inspire others and give them the knowledge that anything is possible; they should always go after their dreams. I have a very difficult schedule and being able to be there to mentor others and give them advice on time management and scheduling is one of my favorite things to do.